If you love bouldering, then you're at the right place.

What is bouldering?


Bouldering is a form of climbing where you don´t need any ropes or gear to climb. The word bouldering derived from (boulders) or small rock formations. Originally The sport was meant for climbers that want to practice specific moves and also increase their finger strength, from there it evolved into a different discipline.

Do you need equipment?


Actually yes you do need equipment. Most importantly are climbing shoes, the reason for this is because it's important to have a decent grip on footholds. If you wear just regular shoes the probability of falling of the wall will increase. It's also recommended to use magnesium (chalk powder) especially if your hands are sweating quickly. Magnesium will absorbs water so it keeps your hands dry during climbing.

How to get started


As I already mentioned bouldering is getting popular by the day, so the probability of a bouldergym near your house too. Just search on google maps for the nearest. If you decide to become a member of a bouldergym I would recommend to get some beginner lessons. Because you will learn to focus on technique instead of relying on pure strength.